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Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner

Honeywell Inc. traces its roots to 1885 and has now become one of the leaders in automation and control solutions of recent times. It is credited as being one of the Fortune 500 companies with its major employee base in the United States. Honeywell has enjoyed considerable business over the century and has become a household name in the United States of America. One of the most remarkable inventions that Honeywell Inc. came up with is their electronic air cleaner under the brand name TrueHepa® which is considered the best electronic air cleaner available in the country.

With the ever increasing pollution evident in the recent decades and the corresponding allergies and such, air cleaners are becoming more and more popular. The need to get rid of dust that persists even after an extensive dusting routine and the germs and allergens that exist even after severe disinfection had become one of the most tiresome jobs of all. Enter Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner! These state of the art electronic air cleaners are contraptions that look like radiators and can be installed in a manner that will service an entire house depending on the potency of the air cleaner model.

Industrial Honeywell electronic air filters are designed to fit into a building’s furnace or air conditioning systems. All Honeywell electronic air filters are designed to get rid of a multitude of problems which include excessive smoke, kitchen exhaust, pollen and mold amongst germs that are invisible to the naked eye.

Some Honeywell electronic air cleaner available in the market have a built in mist function in them. The filters in these air cleaners while purifying the air dispense mist in its atmosphere to make the environment fresher and cooler. For people who have respiratory problems, Honeywell offers HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air cleaners that host a special filter that helps them breathe easier.

Honeywell electronic air cleaners are not inexpensive but are considered a good buy by a lot of consumers using the same. The price of a personal electronic air cleaner costs a minimum of $350, the industrial one being of a much higher price of course.

Honeywell offers a variety of electronic air filters which are also available online. Their air filters consist of a kind of cartridge that needs to be replaced once or a maximum of twice each year. The filter itself needs to be washed only once a year; this of course may depend on the area that you live in. In high dust prone areas, washing may need to be done a couple of times more in a year.