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Ozium Air Sanitizer

Pollution, allergens, bacteria, viruses, smoke, dust, mold and mildew are fast becoming quite a nightmare for people all over the world now. The diseases that these cause can be extremely harmful to us especially where children are concerned.

A lot of companies have come up with sanitizing solutions for just such problems. MEDO Industries is one such company that is becoming popular fast owing to its air sanitizer systems marketed under the Ozium brand name. The company has over 20 years of experience in marketing and selling air fresheners and is a subsidiary of Shell Lubricants. Ozium is EPA registered and is hence is certified as safe for home use.

Ozium air Sanitizer is considered the best solution to all sanitizing problems that may occur at home or workplace. The best thing about Ozium products is that it does not cover up bad smells but eliminates them completely hence providing a clean environment. Ozium boasts of its sanitizing products working through glycolized actions which is a formula intelligent enough to distinguish bad odors and work on them directly to eliminate them hence not churning out a pungent masked smell. Ozium air Sanitizer is very effective in reducing air borne bacteria and virus germs that are responsible for many of our common colds and coughs.

Ozium air Sanitizer come in spray bottles available in different sizes. They are also available with air freshener systems – a small machine especially designed to dispense sanitizing liquid in the air over a specific time frame. These dispensers are also available in battery operated and automated types depending on the place and type of usage required by the consumer.

Ozium air Sanitizer is available in a variety of fragrances including vanilla, citrus and country fresh. Ozium air Sanitizer have a range in which they are available in the market which include their metered aerosol kit which includes 2 time-mist, dispensers and refills and Ozium refills for regular dispenser apart from their regular spray cans. These are also available in kit packs which consist of 30 day supply cans of different fragrances. The handheld spray cans that Ozium markets can be used in bathrooms and even cars where muggy odors may prevail due to confinement or mildew.

Ozium air Sanitizers are not expensive; the lowest spraying costs as low as $7. Ozium air Sanitizer is available at many web-stores including Buzzillions and Amazon who rate these quite highly.